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Dimensional Control Surveying

Our experienced team provides Dimensional Control Surveying in both the field and fabrication shops, this combines 3-dimensional mathematical modelling with surveyed measurements providing the ability to analyse or compare objects. Originating in the offshore industry, it is now used by our surveyors in the engineering, manufacturing, mining, marine, aeronautical and automotive industries.

We use the latest Leica survey instruments and software allowing the coordinates to be shared between the survey and design teams, these are easily transferred between models and instruments reducing errors in data transfer, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Benefits of using Dimensional Control:

  • Accurate, quick, and efficient collection of fully digital 3-dimensional coordinate data.
  • Highly mobile measuring systems enabling surveys in congested and awkward places, this also allows us to carry out surveys on objects in situ rather than having to remove the object to a measuring device.
  • Specialised instrumentation that enables surveys to be carried out on moving and/or vibrating structures
  • Ensuring compliance of items against fabrication tolerance specification
  • Cost saving by reducing shut down times, work scope and labour requirements and improving estimations of material procurement
  • Improved safety through precision monitoring of movement of structures and by providing a safer alternative to piping surveys
  • Reduction of wear and tear on equipment through checking alignments of key components are correct
  • Reduction of man-hours in potentially hazardous areas and activities
  • Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated items
  • Elimination of multi-handling of components
  • Availability of archived data
  • Elimination of re-design during installation
  • Minimize fit-up problems that result in over-runs in schedule and budget

We provide survey cover for the following areas, grid system primary and temporary, build control modular sub and primary assemblies, piping routing, nozzle interface and spool build, monitoring for movement and settlement, interface at all stages pre erection and installation. Laser scanning, laser tracking and simulated trial erection saves time, money and improves upon health and safety. We work pro-actively with the front end engineering team providing answers to enable completion of onshore or offshore build, installation, hook-up and commissioning.

We can also provide a Ferroscan service providing a full site set out tailored to match the clients’ requirements.